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"For the past year and a half our Music Together®® class with Deb has been the highlight of my daughter, Katie's, week. It has been astounding for me to see how much a child can learn before her second birthday and just how she blossoms musically.

Katie can now repeat rhythms, sing mostly on pitch, and play instruments. At home she often hands out different instruments to the rest of the family so that we can all jam together. When we're driving in the car, the only music she ever wants to hear is the CD from the current music class..."  - Michele Arthur 


"We're so glad our daughter is being introduced to the world of music via Deb Cavanaugh's Music Together class.  Deb demonstrates that music can be exciting, calming, challenging, relationship-building, and a great comfort.  Each Music Together class is structured and predictable, and Deb rotates use of various props and instruments, encouraging improvisation and silliness.  Her musical skills, modeling, and expectations of us in class have increased our musical confidence... and possibly even our skills!  Our five month old seems to enjoy music more and more every day." - Jacquelyn O'Connor

"My daughters, who happen to be delayed in speech, have made significant progress in communicating and listening, and even their therapists say it's directly due to Deb's Music Together® class." - Shannon Cherry


 "I want my child to understand that music is something you experience, not just something you sit and listen to. Deb allows that to happen in a way that is so subtle and organic, you don't even realize it's happening..." - Michele Fisher Gomez


"My daughter has such a great time at Deb's Music Together® class each week, that I have trouble getting her to leave! And if there's a holiday where there isn't class some week, we play the CDs and sing and get out our own instruments in our living room-- she insists on it..." - Dan Rain


"This course has been a great experience for both my son and I. One of the first things I learned, is that my participation was integral to my son getting the most out the class. We have a lot fun with the music and the wide array of instruments and other fun props used in class. 

Music, seems to make everything fun, the “bye bye” song even helps making having to put the fun things away fun! I've found that this also works in putting our toys at home away, a nice added bonus :)." - 
Sandra Calabro


"My 14 month old son, Treyton, has really taken a liking to Deb, the families and the entire program, and we both look forward to our special time to sing, dance and be together.

As a parent, I am so pleased with Music Together - the structured, yet unique classes from week to week are a lot of fun. Brings me joy to see him, while riding in the car, or listening to our cd at home, recognize the songs we have heard and played to in class." - Nicole Lamora